Bags With a True Lifetime Warranty

We're one of if not the only in the industry to offer this; because your journey should be supported, every step of the way, including with the top quality products.

Breastfeeding swimwear to support you to get outside and pump

Swim 2024

Buttery soft, secure flange hold

Our Best Kept Secret

Sarah Wells is More Than Just a Bag Company.

We built a community of empowerment. We are advocates for pumping rights and working moms.

Your day is coming.

New Product Alert!!! epic giveaway!! epic party!!

New products (!!!), Epic Giveaway, Epic Party & More!

August 1 - 7, 2024 is World Breastfeeding week, followed by weekly awareness weeks to amplify the voices of a diverse group of breastfeeding parents. We do it up big. In fact, we'd call it epic.

Let's change workplace culture for moms.

Sarah is an author! Her first book publishes August 13th and is available for pre-order now. Grab a copy or two, pass it along to another mama, and definitely share it with your manager. (Psst: there is also a FREE gift for ordering now!) 💪

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How We Stand Out as a Small Business.

  • We Have Heart

    Sarah Wells is celebrating her 11th anniversary in this space and it shows in our reputation as a charitable, supportive, empowering small business with a BIG heart.

  • We Offer a Lifetime Warranty

    Sarah Wells gurantees your pump bag for LIFE. This is a true warranty. Come back in 10 years if you need my help, I'm here for you.

  • We're Innovative

    Sarah Wells dreams big and innovates often; whether it's coming out with the first machine washable pump bag or inventing a staging mat for your pump parts, she doesn't miss a beat.

Our Goal to Make an Impact.

  • Supporting Moms in the Workplace

    We care deeply about the rights of moms in the work place, especially break time, lactation spaces and other lactation support at work; through educational events and support of justice organizations like BreastfeedLA, we'll continue to fight for pumping rights! Sarah's passion for new mom support led to her first book, Go Ask Your Mothers: One Simple Step for Managers to Support Working Moms for Team Success (Matt Holt Books), which we are excited to announce is releasing on August 13th

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  • Breastmilk Donation & Mental Health Support

    We are a long-time supporter of Mother's Milkbank Northeast, and sponsor other accredited milk banks around the United States during times of natural disasters, such as the Mother's Milkbank of Austin, Texas during Hurricane Harvey. We have an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant on our team who hosts weekly Q&A for the pumping community and once a month a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker joins us for a "Mental Health Monday" Q&A. We are also proud to support Postpartum Support International (PSI)where we funded a scholarship to send a representative for training to establish their first-ever Puerto Rico chapter.

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  • Amplifying the Diverse Voices of Moms

    Every year, we carry out awareness raising around World Breastfeeding Week, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Breastfeeding Week, Indigenous Milk Medicine Week, Black Breastfeeding Week, and Latina/x Breastfeeding Week (Semana de La Lactancia Latina). We take part in activities to encourage our customers and followers to shop for businesses owned by people of color in the baby industry, we partner with other brands for fun awareness-building giveaways, and highlight the stories of women in the community.  

Let Us Show You the ✨Magic of Our Bras.

What the Mamas are Saying...

This bra is my absolute favorite. The color is perfect and the material is so soft. Not to mention the velcro straps are convenient and perfect for pumping or nursing. I recommend this bra to all my clients!

Jacquie C.

It’s so spacious, it’s my pumping bag-purse-diaper bag all in one. I take great care of it making sure not to over load it . This is my favorite:)


The pumping slots hold flanges very well. Nursing access is also pretty easy! This was truly a staple in my prenatal and postpartum wardrobe. If you're struggling to find a dress that fits comfortably, this is the one.

Anna K.

I purchased roughly about 6 bags on Amazon and I would return them being to small and not enough pockets. Until I heard about sarahwells and now i own about 3 bags🫶🏼 definitely want to purchase more...

Sandra R.

As a busty mama, it’s SO hard to fine bras that actually fit and support, even beyond pumping and nursing. These bras are so comfortable!

Pam B.B.

Sarah's Book & Mission to Support Working Moms As Seen In...