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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    I had looked at all of the pictures, but nothing prepared me for the quality of the item until I had it in hand. This is a purse-level quality item! A nice purse, at that! And it's machine washable! I have two other (what I consider) high-end machine washable wet/dry bags from other companies, and neither of them come close to the attention to detail or the quality materials (including hardware!) put into this item! (Just want to mention, I already had the Kelly before the Pumparoo, so I knew what great quality the bags are. But who expects an accessory that is machine washable to be made with the same material on the outside, gorgeous hardware, and the same attention to detail! I am blown away!).

    Also, I am a bit obsessed with the Anchors print. I love how it is adult yet super cute/adorable at the same time! I hope to see more fun, playful prints like this in the future.

    Also, I love how this is BPA free, so it can even work for food storage! I think it will be a great option for fruit that I've pre-rinsed, as other brands tend to leak, plus larger (around gallon size) food-safe wet bags tend to be really expensive.
    You could even have a toddler use the clean staging mat as a little placemat to eat off of when out and about.

    Plus, this will work great as a cute wristlet if I just need to run out of the house quickly for an errand or two!
    What can I say, I am delighted!

    Great item, super useful

    I love the pumparoo. So much easier than storing my pump parts in a ziplock bag. The anchor print goes so well with my navy and white striped Abby bag.


    Pumparoo (Anchors)


    I love the multi-purpose uses of this bag. I have 2 and use them weekly for transporting/storing my pump parts, but I also use them for travel and wet clothes! Such a great product. I wash them in the washer weekly, and one of them went through the dryer (thank you hubby for trying to help) and it's still good! I love that I'm not going through boxes of gallon ziplocks anymore, cheaper, and better for the environment!


    This bag is great for transporting your pumping parts. It looks great, washes nicely, and has great features. Fantastic purchase to help reduce plastic!!