SWag Bag

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Color Le Floral

Breast Pump Bag? Check ✅
Pumparoo Wet/Dry Bag? Check ✅
Cold Gold Cooler? Check ✅

Now… how to organize #allthethings? As a pumping mama, you are packing A TON. You’ve got your pump, milk, laptop, cooler, nipple cream, flanges, tubing, wipes, keys, wallet, breast pads, phone charger, extra bottles/bags, snacks, the list goes on and on and on. 

If you’re anything like me, just looking at all of your daily pumping supplies is enough to send you into sheer panic attack mode. How the heck are you supposed to organize all of this stuff? Lucky for you, my Type A personality meant that I had no other choice but to launch an organizational helper just for you pumping mamas. 

Enter the SWag Bag! This little cutie is here to help even the most overwhelmed mamas, by keeping your mountain of pumping essentials neat and contained in one (adorable!) little bag that matches all of your Sarah Wells items. 

My advice? Grab one for all of your pumping session essentials, and pack it towards the top of your breast pump bag for easy one-handed access. Then, grab a second for all the miscellaneous must-haves that you just can’t leave home without (headphones, chapstick, phone charger, mints, etc.)

Pump on, mama! XOXO


Bag Dimensions: 
8.75 "W x 6"H

Customer Reviews

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Teresa Gerteisen

SWag Bag

Charity W.
My favorite pumping accessory

I am a HUGE Sarah Wells bag fan since the first moment I ordered a complete set. All of the pieces made are GREAT, but the SWag Bag is my absolute favorite accessory.
I love these little bags because they are PERFECT for holding spare pump parts to keep in your bag. You know those pieces that quit working or you forget to grab like duckbills, backflow protectors, and inserts which means if one of them is missing nothing works or if the duckbill goes bad you barely get anything out. I even keep milk bags in it just in case I forget to grab the bottle lids since I always put my flange sets together in my bag since I am so limited on pump time at work.
I love the bags so much I have them in I believe 6 different designs and I feel like I still don’t have enough. The great thing is that even when pumping season ends they are great for organizing kids snacks because each kid knows which bag design is theirs.

Anna K
You need swag bags.

Even if you think you don’t, you do. You’ll put something in here. I have maybe half a dozen of these and I love them- matching with other accessory sets is also a HUGE bonus. I honestly wish I had one to match all of my cold gold and pumparoo colors! I have a ton of those.. it’s hard to expect everything to have a match 😂 but seriously. You should just buy one. You’ll use it.