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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    The Perfect Bag/Purse!

    When I first got my bag in the mail, I thought it was going to be waaaay too big for me. I was convinced I needed a smaller size. However, within 2 days, I think it is the perfect size. I am a doctor and I am able to keep my laptop, other purse things, planner, and pump and pump accessories all in one bag and no longer need more than one bag! It's literally the best investment I've made in my pumping life. I wish I hadn't waited until our daughter was 9 months old! I know that it will be great though when we add more little ones to our family in the future too! I love that I can use it for travel too and attach it to my luggage!

    Love this bag!!!

    This bag can hold so much more than my last one!!! I also love the laptop sleeve where I’m able to put you my ipad, planner and notebook! Overall it seems like excellent quality!

    Perfect Gift & Amazing Customer Support

    Staff was extremely helpful and quick to reply to my needs. Highly recommend this company.

    The Perfect Bag!

    I love my Abby! The leather handles add the touch of professionalism I was looking for and no one can tell it’s a pump bag! There are so many pockets and it is large enough to hold everything I need for work along with my pumparoo, cold gold and pump. It really is the perfect bag and I’m so happy I purchased it!

    Well designed, poor stitching

    I love the design and look of the Abby in Navy! It is really a beautiful bag, that does NOT look like a pumping bag - how perfect for going back to work! The leather accents are great too! One thing the photos above do not show is that the shoulder strap has a nice adjustable pad to increase comfort while carrying when the bag is quite heavy and full! It is large enough to fit my Spectra S1, cold gold cooler, spare pump parts, nursing bra, snacks, wallet, and still has extra room! I am, however, a bit disappointed that upon receiving this bag, there were already areas with flawed/unraveling stitching (mainly around the zipper side pockets). I would have hoped for the price of this bag things like this wouldn't be an issue. Hoping it holds up despite this.

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