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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Functional and Chic

    I'm so glad I stumbled on this brand. Not only is the bag super functional for carrying around a pump and parts, but it looks great too. I definitely recommend this product, especially for anyone who plans to pump at work!

    Cute and functional!

    Love the look of this bag-definitely professional enough for work and doesn’t look like a pump bag!!! It’s large which I wanted to hold two pumps.

    Good amount of room but not quite enough

    Overall I'm very pleased with the quality and construction of the bag. I selected the Abby because I was carrying 4 bags into work everyday and wanted to simplify. My laptop fits in the pocket, but it's work-issued and quite thick, so it's a tight squeeze to fit the laptop, Spectra S2 and Cold Gold. Because of this, I'm still having to carry an additional back pack for my laptop and a few file folders. I think if I had a thinner laptop and or the Spectra wasn't quite so wide, I'd be able to fit it all in the Abby.


    This bag is amazing!! The size is large, the look is very professional and pleasing to the eye and is very durable.

    Great Quality, but tight fit

    I love this bag, all the compartments and the fabric. My only issue with the bag is I have a hard time fitting all my things in it. I have the Spectra S2 pump (which I know is on the larger side) but I thought it would fit better, especially after seeing the pictures on here. I love that it has a special laptop sleeve, but my Macbook air seems to be at a funny angle, that it makes it hard to have that and my pump in at the same time. Other than those two things (my pump and laptop) I have the pumparoo with my two valves and pumping bags. I can barely fit anything else in the bag, which stinks because it has so many nice side pocket that I would love to use! Over all I do love this bag, and I think if I had a smaller pump it would be the absolute perfect bag for a working pumping mom!