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Meet Journey Dress

The Sarah Wells Journey Lounge Pumping Dress is like wearing a cozy cloud! Crafted from buttery soft material, this dress is your ultimate pregnancy and postpartum companion, providing the perfect amount of stretch for those body-fluctuating days. But that's not all, folks! We've loaded this dress with pockets featuring Velcro tie backs, so you can securely tuck away your portable pump, tubing, or even your trusty cell phone – who says you can't be stylish AND practical? With Velcro adjustable straps, nursing on-the-go has never been easier. No more fumbling with traditional straps, just adjust to your cup size as it fluctuates throughout the day. And the cherry on top? Our patent-pending flange openings ensure a secure fit and no spilled milk mishaps. With the Sarah Wells Journey Dress, you're not just a mom, you're a multitasking breastfeeding superhero!

The Whole Scoop

  • 🥛 Spilled Milk? No Thanks: Our unique and innovative flange openings ensure a secure fit, so you can pump without the fear of milk going where it shouldn't.
  • 🧈 Buttery Soft Bliss: Made from a buttery soft material that'll make you feel like you're floating on a cloud. Say goodbye to scratchy, uncomfortable clothes!
  • 🔁 Stretch-tastic Design: With just the right amount of stretch, this dress is your trusty sidekick during pregnancy and postpartum adventures. It's like a cozy hug for your changing body.
  • 📩 Pockets Galore: We're not messing around when it comes to pockets. This dress boasts pockets with Velcro tie-backs, so you can safely stash your portable pump, tubing, or even your cell phone.

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Customer Reviews

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Anna K
One of the only things that fit at full term pregnant

This dress was AMAZING during my summer pregnancy. When almost NOTHING else fit, the Journey dress fit. The stretch and comfort is EXCELLENT. The lavender color is my favorite favorite favorite color ever, so I was really excited to see this! The pumping slots hold flanges very well. Nursing access is also pretty easy! This was truly a staple in my prenatal and postpartum wardrobe. If you're struggling to find a dress that fits comfortably, this is the one. The stretch is extremely impressive and the material is soft and comfortable!

Love it!

This dress is comfy, practical and well made! It’s an excellent pumping dress and is very convenient for breastfeeding as well. It also has pockets, and everything is better with pockets!

Watch the Journey Pumping & Nursing Lounge Dress in Action


Pumping, latching, pumping & latching, you can do it all in the Journey dress! The dress makes the perfect maternity loungewear, a hospital gown, and can be dressed up or down for postpartum days. Perfection.

Easy is Good

Whether it is the incredibly soft Velcro adjustable straps, the zip pockets for your pone or pump, the patent-pending flange openings that hold your pump secure -- we think parenthood is hard enough and your clothes should be easy, beautiful and functional.

Final Dress Deets

Journey Dress - The Stats!

Care Instructions: 
Machine wash cold, hang to dry
73% Polyester
27% Spandex