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    Well designed but a little smaller than I expected.


    Kelly (Black)

    Best bag to use for mom who work in the armed force!

    I’ve had kelly bag (black) for 7 months now! I’m in the military and been using this quite awhile. It is versatile and functional for the use of pumping. It fits either my spectra S1 or my Medela sonata with the rest of pumping parts and cooler. I haven’t had any issue or problem with this bag!

    Too big for me

    The Kelly backpack seems great, but it just wasn’t the style for me. I was glad it was offered in black (with gray lining and silver hardware – way to go, SW!) since I also got the SW Pumparoo bag and Cold Gold cooler in b&w. I just thought it looked too big on me. I realize it has to be that size to fit different style pumps, including the Spectra which is fairly large (I have an S2), as well as parts and personal items. It just didn’t work out for me. I returned the Kelly for the SW Claire bag.

    Best of Few Options

    I’m a Reserve Officer and was looking for a bag that would fit my pump (Spectra II) and the other things I would need throughout a drill weekend, which is typically spent inside on computers doing training & paperwork. The bag works well enough for the pump function, but it’s a bit too compact for anything larger than a small laptop, and every time I take the bag off when wearing my OCPs the strap catches the Velcro of my American flag and rips it off. Furthermore, the bag is too small to fit much more than a few folders or papers and the rest of my pump supplies. Because the bag doesn’t fit my laptop, all my papers, my small fabric cooler of pumped milk, etc., I have to use another bag for those items, so I end up carrying two bags - one on my back and this one on my arm, which is kind of rough on my back & hips when I have to drag both bags around all day (maybe at least include the option of a cross-body strap?). Bottom line: the bag does a fine job of making my pump easier to access, but it lacks a great deal of functionality otherwise, and I don’t feel that it was worth the money I worked hard to earn to pay for it.