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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Great Bag!

    Bag is great for my Medela Pump in Style. When I'm done pumping, it will make a great work bag.

    Too big

    I’m a subway and train commuter and unfortunately the bag was just too big for me!

    Hi Rachel, thanks for writing in! We are so sorry you are unhappy with your bag-we are getting in touch with you!
    Love this bag!

    I'm a nurse and I've used this bag at work for a couple weeks now and it's great! It's huge and fits everything I need it to. Even better- everything has a place and it's easy to find what I'm looking for! Worth the price! After others' recommendations, I bought the Medela cooler bag to fit into the bottom cooler compartment. My Spectra S2 fits great in the pump compartment too.

    Worth every penny

    Great bag! It fits my pump (Spectra S2) and accessories great with room for much more. The cooler bag I had purchased doesn't fit so well, but the insulated compartments mean I don't actually have to haul the cooler around all day, which is a bonus. Overall, it's a great bag and I'm glad I made the purchase. Definitely worth it to have a nice-looking, high quality bag for pumping.

    Only one complaint

    This bag is nice & has great space & fits my S2 BUT I wish the flap would come down a little further so it wouldn’t be such a hassle trying to get my S2 out of where it goes. I literally fight with the bag trying to get it out. Also it would be nice if the
    area where the hose goes was exposed & again another thing fighting with the bag.