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Are you a Sarah Wells SUPER FAN? Show your love for all things Sarah Wells! Buy Norah (choose your favorite color!), buy Allie (choose your favorite color!) and buy our Journey Tank in Apple Red and get a FREE Pumparoo and FREE Cold Gold in Ocean and a FREE Ceres Chill in Black! Sarah Wells has the most committed and amazing fans, WE’RE #1!

Norah Breast Pump Backpack (1) The modern backpack/tote hybrid with:

  • Unique **"**doctor-bag" style wire frame opening that will hold open for easy one-handed use to find what you need inside;
  • Two thermally-lined side pockets for your breast pump and pumped milk which can keep breast milk cold for up to 6 hours with ice packs; and
  • Spacious main interior to hold your Cold Gold® cooler bag and Pumparoo® wet/dry bag with Staging Mat®;

Allie Sling Bag (1) Allie Sling Bag is made of modern, high-quality, and high-performance materials: machine washable neoprene, making her the lightest breast pump bag on the market! The adjustable strap can be shifted to a left or right position for maximum comfort and flexibility. The entire bag was designed with functionality and comfort in mind.

  • A sleek hidden exterior pocket with an adjustable top closure can fit a large water bottle or milk container - great for staying hydrated and transporting breast milk on-the-go.
  • An exterior zipped pocket perfectly stores a cell phone or other quick-grab items, and a top loop lets you hang up your bag on a hook for easy management of the contents inside.
  • Includes interior extra tall, easily wipeable, tufted pockets, perfect for holding collection cups in addition to the pump motor.
  • Not only does Neoprene provide the ease of washability, it also creates insulation making Allie an instant cooler bag. Throw in your ice pack to keep milk cold while on-the-go.
  • Most importantly, the pump motor can stay in the bag when you’re using the collection cups, allowing you to remain hands-free and comfortable while pumping, with the weight of the pump motor contained in the bag and not weighing down on the breast.

Cold Gold (1) Protect every ounce of your pumped milk aka “liquid gold” with the patented Cold Gold® cooler bag + ice pack. With a uniquely taller design, pumping mamas can now fit up to 4, 8-oz bottles (capped) or even a glass mason jar while cooling and transporting in style.

Pumparoo (1) This wet/dry bag + "staging mat" design serves as a transport pouch for flanges, bottles, bags and more and also serves as a clean space to setup/take down your breast pump parts. * BPA-free * PVC-free * Phthalate-free * Lead-free zippers.

Ceres Chill (1) Sarah Wells is epically thrilled to now offer the bestselling Ceres Chill "breastmilk chiller!" Sarah loves collaborations and partnerships and this is another awesome example of that; two women-owned, mom-run small businesses working together to support the pumping community with top quality breastfeeding products. Our customers have come to love the breastmilk chillers for transporting their liquid gold, and particularly find it easy to pop the chiller in the side pockets (partially unzipped), main compartment or water bottle pocket of their Sarah Wells Bags! Pump directly into the chiller—no need for a fridge or bulky ice packs and plastic bottles. It's elegant and discreet enough to take with you absolutely anywhere.

Journey Pumping Tank (1) Pumping parents were included in the design at every stage, from helping to fit test, to providing input on the creamy soft performance fabric, and utilizing the innovative hidden zip pocket to carry a portable breast pump (with in-pocket Velcro strap to adjust your tubing for the perfect setup). As always, the goal is that this product will support you in your breastfeeding journey to reach your pumping goals!

- COMFORT: This must-have tank comes with a built-in Journey® bra, in sizes XS - 3XL. Journey® tank has adjustable comfort width velcro straps for the right amount of support throughout your day. 

- INNOVATION: The hidden zippered pocket is perfect for carrying a handheld portable pump and even has (gasp!) a Velcro tie-back inside to adjust the tautness of your tubing (or use your pocket for your cell phone, or other small items).

- FUNCTION: Our flange openings are perfectly placed and exceptionally sturdy so that you can pump hands-free with confidence. 

- QUALITY: Like all Sarah Wells products, Journey® tank is made from the best materials (we are certain you'll open the package and say "WOW" when you feel this fabric!) intended to withstand the busy life of a pumping mama, and the tank carries an exceptional warranty.

-  STYLE: A flattering scoop neckline and generous length and flare at the hips creates a smooth look adding confidence to your style, whether that is during postpartum recovery, traveling, in the office, anywhere or everywhere you go!

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