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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Could be great

    This bag has so much potential. It is a daily struggle to fit my laptop and spectra pump in this bag, and impossible to add in a bottle cooler. I have to carry a second bag with me every day that only contains a water bottle, half size notebook, and breast milk bottle cooler. If this bag were just one inch taller or deeper it could fit the essentials! I wish I hadn’t bought a special backpack for my pump as it did not simplify the amount of bags I have to carry, it merely shuffled around what each one carried.

    Hi Jackie, I'm so sorry you are not loving your Kelly. We will be reaching out to you shorty, keep an eye on your inbox!
    Value Proposition is Off

    I am a part time pumper and I bought this bag because I was looking for a backpack replacement for my Lizzy that I love. In comparison with Lizzy, I found the bag quite expensive for what you get. I was pleased to see that the pump compartment could be folded down like in Lizzy. However, I really think having 2 separate compartments for ice pack and pump is a must because rifling thru the bag to find the ice pack and having an ice pack so close to electronics like in the same pouch is not good. While I understand that the backpack was designed to hold a hospital grade pump, I suggest that the bag should be made wider to allow for 2 compartments. I was surprised that there were so few good sized organizational pockets. Most of the pockets required the items stored inside them to be relatively flat, however, the power cord, spray bottle to wash the pump parts etc could not be accommodated in the pockets without over stretching them. I would also mention that the backpack straps are not too comfortable because they felt like they were falling off my shoulders even when properly tightened. I would recommend adding a sternum strap option. I summary, if Sarah Wells made a Lizzy with the option for backpack conversion, I would love that. But for now, I will use a bag made by a different company.

    Hi Audrey, We are so sorry Kelly was not a LOVE for you and so appreciate the feedback! Please keep an eye on your inbox, we will be reaching out shortly mama!

    Kelly (Black & White)

    Love it

    Love my Kelly bag! Great quality and looks great too. So many pockets and I can fit my spectra and laptop and all the accessories I need, plus snacks and other work items. I picked this style because I also wanted the option to wear as a backpack.

    Multi use!!

    I have this bag in another color—aquarelle, but absolutely LOVE it!! I first used it as my pumping back when I returned to work. I had a preemie, so they actually set me up with a medella symphony (hospital grade pump). The pump works so well, that I decided to carry it back and forth from work every day. This bag fit this large pump perfectly along with every thing else I needed for my day. I now use it as a diaper bag and with all of the pockets, cooler side for snacks and keeping milk cold. I travel with it as my carry on/diaper bag and it is the only bag I need to get me through a long day of flying with a baby! Can’t rexommend this bag enough, especially this backpack style. Thank you Sarah Wells!!