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    Claire (Brown) / Breast Pump Bags & Accessories from Sarah Wells
    Claire (Brown) / Breast Pump Bags & Accessories from Sarah Wells

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    To heavy

    I want to love this bag. I researched and read about it and planned and I wanted to love it. But it’s just way to heavy. It hurts my shoulder and all I have in it is my pump, pump parts and wallet. It has a lot more room but I don’t want to put anything else in it due to its already heavy weight. It digs into my shoulders. I’m wishing maybe I’d have gone with a different style. The bag itself is beautiful and well made. Sad I don’t like it more than I do.

    Hi Jessica, We are so sorry you are not loving Claire. Keep an eye on your inbox, we will reach out shortly!
    Love it but...

    The structure of this bag is exactly what I was looking for as my daily tote to work! The zippers are hard though and I am afraid they are going to break. For some reason they have also distorted shape and I have not overfilled the bag. Otherwise great quality material. The pocket is tight with my spectra 2 which is disappointing for sure but otherwise love the shape and structure of this bag


    I really like the look of this bag particularly because I was hoping for something professional to take to the office everyday. I like the organization too and all the pockets are very convenient. I’ve only been using the bag a few weeks, but I also feel it’s very sturdy which is important because I load a lot into this bag. My only complaint is that it’s really hard to get my pump out of the side pocket (I am using the larger pocket designed for larger pumps). I have a spectra and it fits so tightly within the pump pocket I struggle to get it out and usually have to maneuver several ways and sometimes stand up to manipulate it out of the bag. This is especially problematic because it takes extra time and I try to make my work pump breaks as efficient and possible.

    I love it!!!!

    I’m so glad I ordered this bag


    Great storage for pump, parts, and cooler. A little disappointed in the quality of the zippers. The zippers frequently snag and I have trouble closing them.

    Hi Erin! We hate to hear your zippers are causing issues. Keep an eye on your inbox. We will be reaching out shortly!