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    Claire (Black) / Breast Pump Bags & Accessories from Sarah Wells
    Claire (Black) / Breast Pump Bags & Accessories from Sarah Wells

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews

    Claire (Brown)

    Great product

    I am a nurse so I work 12 hour shifts and some days are very long with minimal breaks. This bag is wonderful for me because I can store everything in the same bag and when I have minimal breaks I can just grab it and go it makes for an easy pumping session. The Cooler fits in the side pocket wonderfully and so does my pump. The quality is excellent and I don’t feel as if I am carrying around all my pump items. Space inside the middle compartment leaves just enough room for my wallet and car keys and water bottle. I can even fit some snacks inside.


    My new bag gets me so excited to pump!


    Claire (Brown)

    I really wanted to love Claire

    So disappointed. I really really wanted to love this bag. I bought it as a present to myself, in the hopes that I could replace my current pump bag and eliminate my other work bag, since Claire is much bigger than both of my current bags. I just was looking for the bag to fit my lunch and my wallet in it, as well as a few other things like my glass case, comb, etc. While the bag had no problem fitting in the small items, it could not accommodate any other items that I needed to bring to work everyday. I took it to work twice with me and since it’s so big it was a chore to carry around along with my other bag. I would have been okay with the size if it held everything, but unfortunately I’m back to using a back pack and a smaller pump bag.

    Hi Melanie! I'm so sorry you did not LOVE Claire. Keep an eye out for an email, we will be reaching out soon! -Team SWB