Madeleine Roller Bag (Black)

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The most common questions I’ve received from pumping mamas since I started Sarah Wells Bags revolve around travel. My inbox has been flooded with moms wondering how they can travel safely with their stored milk, which bags could double as a carry-on as well as a breast pump bag, and how to manage pumping and traveling at the same time.
Enter the Madeleine roller bag, named for my first-born daughter Maddy. Madeleine is a sleek, standard carry-on size roller bag with all the features that you’d expect in a Sarah Wells Bag and a suitcase combined into one. .
Madeleine’s must have features include:

  1. Two easy access pump pockets located at the top of the bag, turning your carry-on into a virtual pumping cart and allowing you to pump comfortably while seated.
  2. A detachable shelf to support your pump on one side, and pumping necessities on the other. When you’re finished pumping, simply remove the shelf and fold in the pockets (or use them for liquids, snacks, toys, and more!)
  3. Thermally lined pockets to keep your pumped milk cold for up to 6 hours with the help of an ice pack
  4. A thoughtfully designed tech pocket with padded laptop sleeve, to keep all your work items safe and handy during your trip
  5. 4 smooth rolling wheels, for easy gliding across all types of surfaces.A sleek, timeless design with high-end hardware and trim. No more boring carry-on bag!

Often times life and work can take us away from the comforts of home, and I want you to be set up for smooth sailing during your travels. After over a year of research and development, several prototypes, personal testing, and tons of customer feedback, I am happy to introduce you to Madeleine, the world’s FIRST EVER breast pump roller bag! Where will you take her next?

Bag Dimensions: 22"H × 14" W x 9"D
Smaller Side Pocket: 9”H x 7”W x 6”D
Larger Side Pocket: 9”H x 7”W x 8”D
Total # of Pockets: 6
Weight: 8 lbs., 3 oz.
Very Structured

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Please Note: When purchasing this product, you are solely purchasing the bag. Items featured with the bag like an accessory, breast pump, etc. are shown for functionality and styling purposes. These items are sold separately. Thank you!


Customer Reviews

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Audra W
Perfect for a traveling, pumping mom!

The last few trips I took via air I had my bag of pumping supplies and my soft sided cooler piled on my shoulders, hurrying through the airports. It was not practical to be trying to carry all of that! This bag is awesome! It’s designed to meet the carry on size requirements and be able to hold my frozen milk and my pump! I have a Spectra S1 - it’s no small pump and it fits in the side pocket of this bag. I love that the bag has 4 wheels so that I can easily push it around. Not to mention it’s subtly stylish!

Laura Minguela
Good bag, but...

This bag is really good, but a few improvements could make it great. I have been a flight attendant for the past 15 years, so my experience with luggage is extensive. The biggest flaw with this bag is the 4 wheels. I know its trendy, but 4 wheels are actually more difficult on the body while pushing it around and have a much shorter lifespan. If there had been a choice between 4 wheels and 2, I would pick 2 every time. The other perk to 2 wheels vs 4 is that 2 wheels are generally a part of the suitcase, which protects the wheels better, allows for slightly more luggage space, and makes it fit better in the overhead bin of an aircraft. Having 4 wheels on the bottom, they are physically attached to the underside of the bag, so they are more easily damaged and regularly do not fit well into overhead bins. The other minor improvement would be to add a handle to the underside of the luggage. Because of the 4 wheels, the bag has to be put in handle/top first of and overhead bin, leaving the wheels as the first thing you see. Having a handle on the bottom would give you something to grab onto in order to pull the bag out. Other then those two minor details, the bag is amazing and a huge help to those that are having to pump on the road and I highly recommend it.

You will not be disappointed!!

Absolutely love this bag!! So happy this has been added to the Sarah wells collection! Traveled with this bag for the holiday season. I was able to pack my breast pump, my cold gold, and much more. If your looking for a carry on bag whether breastfeeding or not, this is a great bag to use.

Amy Adamy

I absolutely love my new Madeleine bag! I am so excited to have a suitcase to make pumping and traveling easier, but also something I can use after our pumping journey ends for traveling. Pumping and traveling mommas, you NEED this!