Norah Backpack (Latte)

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Introducing Norah, the modern backpack/tote hybrid, from Sarah Wells Bags, the original stylish pump bag brand since 2013.

Sarah Wells names all of her bags after the important women and girls in her life and this bag is no exception; Sarah treasures her role as Aunt to several nieces and a nephew. Auntie Sarah and Norah most enjoy their time together in the garden, identifying flowers and plants, getting their hands dirty and enjoying the colors of nature. This bag style reflects the basic, simple wonders around us, yet features the sophisticated functionality you expect from Sarah's award-winning brand for pumping moms.

In addition to our famous lifetime warranty and mama community, when you buy a Norah bag you'll enjoy:

  • Two thermally-lined side pockets for your breast pump and pumped milk which can keep breast milk cold for up to 6 hours with ice packs;
  • Spacious main interior to hold your Cold Gold® cooler bag and Pumparoo® wet/dry bag with Staging Mat®;
  • Photo pockets to help ease with letdown while pumping away from your little one(s);
  • Padded laptop sleeve for laptops measuring up to 17 inches (slim) or 15 inches (standard);
  • Stylish, durable, comfortable, easy-to-clean materials;
  • Ample space for all portable pumps on the market: Elvie, Medela Pump in Style (with or without a case), Sonata and Freestyle, Willow, Hygeia,Freemie, Spectra (all types), Ardo, Ameda,  Cimilre (S6+, S5+, and P1) and more; 
  • Unique "doctor-bag" style wire frame opening that will hold open for easy one-handed use to find what you need inside.

You asked and we listened, Norah was born from customer requests! You can use the side pockets for your pump (large or small) or even a cooler with the thermally-lined pockets.  Or if you want to use the full space in the main compartment, simply push the side pockets down and inward from within the main compartment, and snap-back for lots of room!  

Bag Dimensions: 16.5"H x 13.5" W x 7"D

Smaller Side Pocket: 10”H x 7”W x 5”D

Larger Side Pocket: 10”H x 7”W x 8”D

Total # of Pockets: 7

Weight: 2 lbs.

Lightly Structured

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Please Note: When purchasing this product, you are solely purchasing the bag. Items featured with the bag like an accessory, breast pump, etc. are shown for functionality and styling purposes. These items are sold separately. Thank you!


Customer Reviews

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Margaret Avampato
Perfect Work Bag

I returned to work 2 weeks ago and purchased this bag right before my return. Originally I wanted a tote bag because my diaper bag is a backpack but I thought that it would be too heavy to carry all my pump parts and my work things in a tote bag. This bag is the perfect alternative because it has handles to be carried like a tote and straps to be a backpack.

So far the bag has been amazing since I need to run to a different building on campus to go to the pumping room and I need to carry all my things with me. I would highly recommend this bag to any mother returning to work.

One improvement (but I still think it's 5 stars) could be adding a removable separator between the bottom of top of the bag for when you are using the pump & cooler pockets. My things slip down inbetween the pockets and sometimes I have difficulty getting the cooler back in and will need to make sure things have not fallen down and are blocking the pocket.

Charity W.
A bag that lasts

I bought my Norah in Latte the day she originally released. I had several other bags already, but I wanted a lighter neutral color that was better structured for my needs at that time compared to my Kelly.

Norah has been well used during this time and although there are a couple of stains I cannot get out no matter how hard I try, she is in really great shape for everything she has been through. The 2 side pockets easily fold up to get out of the way for mom’s working needs when no kids are around. All of the pockets allow me to be easily organized with so much space for all my needs even as a pumping mom of 6 now. Just like every other bag I have bought I have not been disappointed because they last through everything no matter the challenge. I highly recommend Norah if you need the space and the easy carry of a backpack.

Jillian Lau
Fantastic Bag for Daily Commuters

I prefer a backpack when using public transit to commute to and from work, so I was glad to see that Sarah Wells now has some. The Norah is roomy with useful compartments, including one for your laptop. The breastmilk cooler fits right in, and on the other side, there is plenty of room for your pump (I used to bring my Spectra back and forth, but since another generous momma has given me theirs, I have a spare. Now I just bring three sets of pump parts and cleaning materials, which fits easily in the pocket). The "doctor bag" design is definitely useful, and so are the hand straps in case you need to carry it that way on a crowded train. And the bag itself looks lovely and professional. I plan to use this bag long after my breastfeeding journey ends.

Sandra Ramirez
Perfect 🤩

I love the color, love the texture. Definitely a lot of pockets and a lot of space. You will never run out of pockets with a sarahwells bag !! Super spacious, i just love it. I struggled so much on finding a pumping Bag. I purchased roughly about 6 bags on amazon and I would return them being to small and not enough pockets. until i heard about sarahwells and now i own about 3 bags🫶🏼 definitely want to purchase more but my husband thinks I’m crazy hahaha (most likely will purchase more)

Megan Z.
It fits it all!

I just got the Nora backpack by Sarah Wells in latte. It fits my Spectra S2, my cold gold, my portable pump, 2 sets of pumping parts in my pumparoo, and my ceres chill. I love it and I plan on using it after I’m done pumping as a work bag. The side pockets are able to fold up and snapped to give more room in the main compartment when you’re not hauling your pump around. I feel like it is good quality and I can use it for a long time.