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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Quality Bag - Love it!

    A lot of things I’ve found with my pregnancy and now being 3 months postpartum, is that I feel like any item that had the words “maternity” or “nursing” automatically added $20+ to the price and nothing to the quality. Well, this bag is a big exception. Not only is this made perfectly to hold my pump, two sets of pump parts, extra tubing, other pumping essentials, expressed milk and ice packs, AND my laptop and charger, it is the MOST well made bag I’ve ever owned. The price is comparable to other larger bags but is quality and functional for pumping!
    I love my bag and honestly don’t know how I’d carry everything I need to pump without it. Also, the Sarah Wells VIP (Very Important Pumpers) Facebook group has been an awesome resource forum for me.
    Super pleased with my purchase and would recommend them to any new Mom who is breastfeeding and/or pumping. Thanks Sarah!!

    Wife Loved It

    Perfect bag for a mom on the go; stylish, practical, accessible, and user friendly.


    I was dreading traveling without my baby but this bag made it so much easier! I even pumped on the plan by putting the bag on my lap providing some privacy as well as convenience. I was actually pumping in a nursing room at the aiport and two other mom's in there asked "What bag is that??? That's amazing!!!!" Thanks for mixing a great style with functionality!

    ❤️ my SWB!!!

    Bought this bag hoping it was everything on the website, particularly with the price and dollar conversation. Fits everything I need. Only thing I wish was that it was leather or pleather. I have scotch guarded it in fear of milk spillages.

    a pumping mama must have!

    This Claire bag is seriously AMAZING! I wish I'd had it with my first two babies but third time is the charm! I love that I no longer have to carry a separate bag at work for all of my pump supplies along with another bag for my personal items and wallet. This bag holds it all and there's still room for more! This bag is so sleek and stylish which I love that it has a total non-baby/breastfeeding look to it. No one knows that I'm carrying around a breastpump and milk! I plan to continue using this bag even once I retire my pump because the insulated pockets will be perfect for carrying around my little ones sippy cups and snacks that need to stay chilled! You cannot go wrong with this bag!