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Journey Hands Free Pumping Lounge Dress (Lavender) (Size)
Journey Hands Free Pumping Bra (Lavender) (Size)


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Are you dreaming? Your eyes light up as you discover the perfect Journey Lounge Dress in Lavender,, its fabric as soft as a cloud. Next to it, a Lavender Allie Sling Bag beckons, promising both style and practicality. And just around the corner, a dainty Journey Lavender Bra catches your attention. Excitement fills the air as you realize there's a delightful discount waiting for you, turning this shopping spree into a joyful dance of savings and style. With every pump, you embrace the thrill of finding your dream outfit and accessories, all in the enchanting hue of lavender.

Journey Lounge Dress (1) (Lavender)

Introducing the Sarah Wells Journey Lounge Pumping Dress – it's like wearing a cozy cloud! Crafted from buttery soft material, this dress is your ultimate pregnancy and postpartum companion, providing the perfect amount of stretch for those body-fluctuating days. But that's not all, folks! We've loaded this dress with pockets featuring Velcro tie backs, so you can securely tuck away your portable pump, tubing, or even your trusty cell phone – who says you can't be stylish AND practical? With Velcro adjustable straps, nursing on-the-go has never been easier. No more fumbling with traditional straps, just adjust to your cup size as it fluctuates throughout the day. And the cherry on top? Our patent-pending flange openings ensure a secure fit and no spilled milk mishaps. With the Sarah Wells Journey Dress, you're not just a mom, you're a multitasking breastfeeding superhero!

🥛 Spilled Milk? No Thanks: Our unique and innovative flange openings ensure a secure fit, so you can pump without the fear of milk going where it shouldn't.

🧈 Buttery Soft Bliss: Made from a buttery soft material that'll make you feel like you're floating on a cloud. Say goodbye to scratchy, uncomfortable clothes!

🔁 Stretch-tastic Design: With just the right amount of stretch, this dress is your trusty sidekick during pregnancy and postpartum adventures. It's like a cozy hug for your changing body.

📩 Pockets Galore: We're not messing around when it comes to pockets. This dress boasts pockets with Velcro tie-backs, so you can safely stash your portable pump, tubing, or even your cell phone.

✨Strap-tacular: Thanks to our Velcro adjustable straps, nursing becomes a breeze. You can customize your cup size throughout the day. No more wardrobe malfunctions or milk mishaps!

Allie Sling Bag (1) (Lavender) Allie Sling Bag is made of modern, high-quality, and high-performance materials: machine washable neoprene, making her the lightest breast pump bag on the market! The adjustable strap can be shifted to a left or right position for maximum comfort and flexibility. The entire bag was designed with functionality and comfort in mind.

  • A sleek hidden exterior pocket with an adjustable top closure can fit a large water bottle or milk container - great for staying hydrated and transporting breast milk on-the-go.
  • An exterior zipped pocket perfectly stores a cell phone or other quick-grab items, and a top loop lets you hang up your bag on a hook for easy management of the contents inside.
  • Includes interior extra tall, easily wipeable, tufted pockets, perfect for holding collection cups in addition to the pump motor.
  • Not only does Neoprene provide the ease of washability, it also creates insulation making Allie an instant cooler bag. Throw in your ice pack to keep milk cold while on-the-go.
  • Most importantly, the pump motor can stay in the bag when you’re using the collection cups, allowing you to remain hands-free and comfortable while pumping, with the weight of the pump motor contained in the bag and not weighing down on the breast.

Journey Hands-Free Pumping Bra in Lavender (1) Journey® has adjustable comfort width velcro straps for the right amount of support and adjustability throughout the day as your cup size fluctuates while breastfeeding. Journey's® flattering scoop neckline and unique reveal-back create a smooth look adding confidence to your style. See more info here for getting your right size:

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