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    Customer Reviews

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    Vintage Lizzy Set

    First delivery received everything I ordered minus the pump bag itself but included an extra I hadn't ordered. The matching Wet/dry bag. I was told that I would need to sent the access item back upon arrival of pump bag. Sarah Wells quickly shipped out the pump bag but didn't ask for return of the access item. Which made up for not receiving everything correctly the first time. Great customer service! Excellent quality. Wish the pattern was smaller but still cute.

    I have not used it yet:

    I love the design and the way it feels. It’s larger than I imagined. There is a lot of room inside the bag but I am having hard way thinking of how I am going to fit everything inside of it. I have not used it outside of my home as my due date is September 6. Will update my review then!

    Phase 2: Pumping Working Mom

    My Lizzy bag has made my transition to pumping working mom manageable. Thank you for keeping me organized and helping me pump like a boss. With enough storage for my Medela PISA, my cooler for expressed milk, all of my components and personal items, and even a snack or two, I don’t have to worry about what I’ve left at home. This is the only designer bag in my life and I’m so glad I have one that will make working and pumping and being a mom just a little less complicated. Thanks Sarah!


    Lizzy (Vintage)

    Love this!

    2nd nursing baby, 2nd Sarah Wells bag. I love the Lizzy in Vintage, as well as the matching Pumparoo, Cold Gold, and SWag Bag!