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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    They leak!

    I received a Cold Gold breastmilk cooler bag and loved this ice pack, but like others, I’ve only used mine for a month and my ice pack has started oozing out of one of the indentions. I haven’t dropped it or misused the ice pack in any way. Such a let-down. I had such high expectations for this brand.

    Hi Kim!

 We are so sorry you got an ice pack that did not live up to the Sarah Wells Bags expectations. We would love to help remedy this for you. Keep an eye on your inbox, we will be contacting you directly soon!
    Started leaking

    I ordered my cold gold ice brick from the aeroflow website. I loved it for about 6 months because it seemed to stay cold longer than other bricks I’ve had. But after around 6 months of use (without any history of dropping it- simple freezing use) it started leaking. I have it in a plastic ziplock bag and still occasionally use it but I have to say I’m disappointed.

    Oh no!!! That is not normal, we will reach out to you shortly. Keep an eye on your inbox!
    They don’t freeze evenly.

    I had to replace mine because it burst open after 5 months of daily use. I bought two this time so one can thaw completely and I ca still have one to use, but they still freeze with bulging pockets even when going from completely thawed. If these break, I won’t buy replacements.

    Hi Jessica! We are so sorry you're having issues with the ice pack, that is not normal at all. Please keep an eye out for an email, you will be contacted shortly!
    Cold Gold Ice Pack

    Stays nice and cold all day! Definitely recommend!


    I live in south Texas and bought extra ice packs due to the heat and to have another on hand just incase. It is already in the upper 90’s and low 100’s and it’s not even summer officially! They have been amazing! Love them!