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Hello! My name is Sarah Wells.

I'm a 30-something mama living in the Washington-DC area with my two girls, Maddy (7) and Abby (2), and husband, Greg. I'm a yoga-pant-loving, Thai-food-obsessed, photographer-wanna-be, always-inventing-things-entrepreneur. Before starting my business, I led several national nonprofits, where I raised millions of dollars for women's health and consumer advocacy issues. I also traveled all over the world speaking to policymakers about improving the quality of health care for Americans.

I became an entrepreneur because of my personal breastfeeding experience.

The idea for a stylish and über-functional breast pump bag came to me in 2011 after the birth of my first daughter, Maddy. As an exclusively-pumping mom, carrying a breast pump was a part of my daily life, but the transition back to work and carrying so many bags and pump accessories brought about new challenges. Every day, I schlepped a purse and my (quite ugly) manufacturer-brand pump bag. Throw in an extra case for my iPad or laptop and a lunch cooler, and I felt like a pack mule walking down the streets of Washington, DC.

I used to hide the milk-stained ugly bag under my desk.

I suppose you could put your pump equipment in your existing purse or buy a nicer tote. But will it have special pockets to operate your pump from within the bag, keeping equipment and bottles separate from everything else, let alone lined with easy-to-clean material, insulation for expressed milk and more, all while being fashionable?

This is how Sarah Wells Bags was born.

Since launching my products to mamas in November of 2013, I've met and established an incredible mama community around the globe! Thanks to your amazing support, my mom-owned-business has grown leaps and bounds. I also now offer the awesome "Pumparoo" wet/dry bag with a staging mat to keep your pump parts safe and clean between pumping sessions. I have many other products "in the works" and cannot wait to roll these out to you soon.

I hope you enjoy my bags and other products.

Mama satisfaction is my #1 PRIORITY!!! Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with your questions, comments, concerns, ideas, stories, and more. I'm here to support your breastfeeding goals.

With appreciation,

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