Frequently Asked Questions


What are the dimensions of your different styles of bags?

Please refer to the individual product descriptions (bottom bullet) for specific sizing.

Can I carry breast milk inside my Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag?

All bags have one or two foil-lined insulated side pockets (exactly what you would find in a cooler bag or lunchbox), which is sandwiched between the two pieces of colorful lining. Our testing shows that these insulated side pockets, with an ice pack or two, will keep bottles of refrigerated milk cold (or begin cooling recently pumped milk) for up to six hours (varied based on external temperatures).

However, if you would rather use an external cooler bag (we know some moms like to keep their breastmilk in a cooler in a fridge for long periods), our side pockets and/or main compartment will hold a wide range of coolers or thermal bags.

We also encourage you to read the recommended guidelines for storing breastmilk here.

How long can I keep breast milk in my Cold Gold cooler?

The Cold Gold cooler has been tested to keep breast milk cold for up to 8 hours in an average climate with the use of the included Sarah Wells Ice Pack. Pumping mamas should place their Cold Gold coolers in a refrigerator if at all possible during the day.

We would always recommend that you use resources like KellyMom and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for proper guidelines on breast milk storage.

Which breast pumps fit in Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags?

ALL Sarah Wells breast pump bags fit portable breast pumps on the market, including the Spectra S1, S2, 9, Medela PIS or PISA (with or without a case), Medela Freestyle, Hygeia (all models), Freemie, Ardo, Ameda, and more!

The Kelly convertible breast pump bag, with its single XXL side pocket, will also fit the Medela Symphony hospital grade breast pump.

Can I carry a Medela Symphony Hospital-Grade Pump in any of your bags?

Yes! The Kelly convertible breast pump bag, with its single XXL side pocket, was designed to fit the Medela Symphony hospital grade breast pump. Our other bags (Lizzy, Claire, Abby) will fit this pump in the main compartment, but not in the side pockets.

How should I clean my bag?

Sarah Wells bags are manufactured with durable materials such as nylon, faux leather and 100% real leather, depending on the bag design; there is no need to add protective products to the exterior of your bag. We have found the best way to remove spills from your bag (inside or outside) is to rub gently with a damp cloth (with a small amount of dish or hand soap). The Abby bag 100% real leather handles, accents and cross-body strap should be cleaned with any standard leather cleaner.

We do not recommend machine washing your full-sized Sarah Wells breast pump bag, as it could damage the structural integrity of the bag. 

Can you show me to how pack my bag?

Sure! Watch this video, but also be sure to join our VIP Group on Facebook! There are plenty of mamas that can help you out by telling you exactly how they pack theirs. 

Ordering & Shipping

Where can I buy Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags?

I encourage you to support my small business by purchasing your bag right here on my website at

You can also find my bags at Amazon, buybuyBABY/Bed, Bath & Beyond online and with a number of wonderful retailers and durable medical equipment providers around the US. See a full list of retailers here.

Do you ship internationally?

Due to unpredictability and difficulty predicting the timeline of International Shipments during these trying times, we currently do not have international shipping available on our website. We do have listings on eBay where there are options to ship internationally with shipping prices ranging from about $25-$80 depending on your location.

If you have questions, we are happy to see if you can help you, just reach out to us at  Please note: Duties are the responsibility of the customer (HS Tariff 420292). 

AUSTRALIA: Sarah Wells sells on

SINGAPORE: Sarah Wells is proud to partner with Mama Warehouse for Singapore customers; order here.

BRUNEI & MALAYSIA: Sarah Wells partners with BNPieces for Brunei & Malaysia customers; order here.

What shipping methods do you offer?

Contiguous USA shipping is FREE on on any order over $75. For carts that do not reach $49, there is a $8.99 flat ship charge. I ship breast pump bags by FedEx Ground (takes 3-5 business days, departing out of a Virginia-based warehouse), Pumparoo wet/dry bags by USPS, and combination product orders by USPS or FedEx Ground based on the customer's location. You may upgrade to expedited shipping at checkout at your additional expense.

Is a breast pump bag covered by my HSA?

We recommend you ask your HSA what they need in order for you to submit the purchase as a qualified expense with your HSA account. Based on which program and plan you are currently on, that will vary. Customers have reported successful reimbursements when purchasing directly from the Sarah Wells website, however, sometimes it is easier to be reimbursed when purchasing directly from a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) provider. It is extremely helpful if you can find out what the program require in terms of documentation and such. Typically yes, a pump bag qualifies as a breast pumping accessory and is thus, covered. 

Warranty & Returns

Where can I view the policy for warranty & returns?

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