Pre-Order Sarah's Book to Support Working Moms

I'm so thrilled to announce that my first book will be published and released on August 13, 2024 (Matt Holt an Imprint of BenBella Books). 

Go Ask Your Mothers: One Simple Step for Managers to Support Working Moms is a groundbreaking book for leaders to create a mom-supportive workplace

Meet Amanda, a new mom and nurse in a critical care unit, who had to quit her job because the lactation room was too far away.

Learn about Patricia, who thought she was successfully hiding how crazy she felt until one day, four months postpartum, she had a panic attack in front of her coworkers that sent her to the emergency room.

Together, we'll explore the pervasive problem in American businesses with devastating consequences: Managers aren’t asking postpartum or new mothers what support they need to transition back to work, and mom employees are afraid to ask for help, resulting in poor employment outcomes for both. Sarah presents a simple and inexpensive solution to this workplace crisis.

Pre-order your book now and show your support for Sarah & this critical topic!