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    Hi mama,

    We may not have met, but I completely get what you're feeling right now, so I put these guides together for you. I also wanted to write you a note of encouragement and support.

    For when you feel like you are tethered to a machine that also kind of feels like it may or may not be sucking the life out of you.

    I want you to know that what you are doing matters. So. Much.

    Every pump is an expression of love into a bottle. You are completely incredible.

    Motherhood should not be defined by this one thing, just like the rest of your parenting journey won't likely be about a single event or choice, but a series of experiences that add up to a wild and wonderful journey.

    My wish is that these guides will help answer your questions and make you more confident in your pumping journey. 



    New to breastfeeding? Not your first rodeo but you'd love a refresher? We've got you covered! Sarah Wells Bags has created several pumping guides for all of our mamas, and they are 100% free to download. 


    The Sarah Wells VIP group on Facebook is an exclusive community of Very Important Pumpers (VIPs). This group is full of pumping mamas just like YOU. We discuss the ups and downs of our pumping journeys, share some good old fashioned mom humor, and there are some extra special goodies available only to the VIPs. Join today!


      Overwhelmed? I absolutely get it, mama. You're probably getting advice from every corner you turn. Well if you need some extra help, these are my bestselling products and they are sure to set you up for pumping success! If you're still unsure about which bags would be best for you, reach out to us at customerservice@sarahwellsbags.com. My amazing customer service team is made up of mamas that have tried and tested every single bag we offer, so I know we'll find something perfect for you!