Sarah Wells Accepts HSA/FSA Cards

We have authorization (HSA/FSA Merchant Category Code - 5047 Medical Supplies) to process HSA and FSA debit cards directly on our website (YAYYYYYYY).

Please note that the majority of our products and partner products qualify under the IRS "Lactation Expenses as Medical Expenses" authorization (Announcement 2011-14) but not everything we sell qualifies. Specifically, you may be able to use your HSA/FSA for:

• Breast pump bags with cooler compartments

• Breastfeeding bras

• Breastmilk cooler bags, wet/dry bags and organizer bags that have cooler bag capabilities

• Ceres Chill breastmilk chillers (coolers)

• Spare breastmilk ice packs for cooler bags

The types of items that may not qualify are: stickers, non-breastfeeding clothing (waterbottles, luggage tags), etc. If the products do not "assist lactation" they do not qualify. In this case you'll need to check out with those items separately using a standard payment method.

Please know that while we are authorized to accept HSA/FSA cards for eligible products, the decision to approve or deny a transaction is up to the card issuers and HSA/FSA plan. Your plan and card can still decline your purchase through our site, even if you're buying an eligible product. (For instance, some plans might require you to only purchase through a pharmacy provider that they partner with.)

If your card gets declined, or it is accepted but you are asked for additional information to substantiate the purchase, please reach out to us at We may not be able to facilitate that payment method through, but we can provide you with an itemized receipt and other information that you can use to validate the purchase and/or request a reimbursement after purchase with a standard payment method.