Do you really need a Breast Pump Bag?

Do you really need a Breast Pump Bag?

We get the question all the time, "Why should I get a dedicated breast pump bag instead of a regular tote?" We asked a couple of our pumping mama Brand Ambassadors for their thoughts on the topic. Read on to see what they had to say! 

Q: For mamas who are wondering if they really need a dedicated breast pump bag versus just using a regular handbag or tote bag for their pump - What do you see as the benefits of having a breast pump bag?

A: Sierra, Meagan and Mayra answer below.

Sierra -

If you’re wondering if you need a specific bag, my short answer is YES!

I use a lot of bags, and even have a side hobby of selling a popular brand of totes and bags. I would still recommend a Sarah Wells Bag for pumping.

These bags are specifically designed for the job, with the right amount of pockets for your pump and accessories, and the thermal pockets are a must, especially if you’re a commuter.

If you were to use a regular handbag or tote, chances are you would need more than one… a bag for your pump, a bag for used parts, a bag for clean parts, a thermal for the milk, etc.

You get the idea! As a bonus, many Breast Pump Bags are not only beautiful, but also well made and can be reused in the future.

Meagan -

I was previously using a tote bag for my pumping accessories and it was a black hole of a mess. Absolutely nothing was organized. I couldn't find any one specific thing I was looking for without unloading half of the bag - it was just a messy disaster.

Since receiving my Sarah Wells bag, I have actually been able to combine my purse, pump tote, and diaper bag all into one incrediblely organized and attractive package! Sarah Wells Bags are clearly designed with mom in mind.

In my opinion, the Breast Pump Bags are designed to help keep things organized, visible, and easy to access. It makes all the difference when it comes to a time crunch as well.

Most moms who return to work find themselves pumping on an extremely tight schedule with no time to waste fumbling around searching for the supplies they need. And personally, I have delayed let downs when I am feeling stressed and pressed for time.

These pump bags make it possible to quickly get what you need set up with just a few zips of the bag; allowing more time to pump and focus on what's important - like breathing, haha!

  Claire Breast Pump Bag

Mayra -

When going to work and pumping, you deal with carrying extra things and you find yourself having to pause your workload in order to pump.

Now with my Claire, I no longer have to carry all these extra things such as the cooler for the milk I pump, storage for the actual pump, zip lock bags for the dirty parts, bottles and/or storage bags, and not to mention the pumping parts.

The Claire is definitely a game changer for me. I can store everything in just one bag. It has also saved me time, so I don't worry about taking out the pump from the other bag or taking out the cooler.

Carrying my pump and all the accessories has become a part of my every day life and the Claire has made things a lot easier.

This video shows a glimpse of everything I can fit into my Claire Breast Pump Bag.


We want to hear from YOU!

Why do you (or would you) find a dedicated breast pump bag helpful in your pumping journey? 

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Having one bag dedicated to all my pumping gear once I go back to work would seem like a dream so I don’t forget anything!


A pumping bag is essential! I’m over packer and worst case scenario type, so having all my parts, extra parts, tissues, hand sanitizer, anything I could need for pumping all packed neatly and organized into one convenient bag has been awesome. My Lizzy is on its second pumping journey, I’m a physician assistant with full time and a part time jobs, and it’s been amazing!


I work full time and carry a lot of bags for work. But life is easier when I have designated bags for every category in life. This is why I think it’s important to have a separate pumping bag. It would make life much easier and more organized


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