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Meet Elizabeth! 10 Questions for a Fashionable Mom

Posted on: December 06, 2013Back to All Articles

Q. What is your name, age and profession?
A. My name is Elizabeth and I am 29 years old and am employed in human services and recently took on the new title of "Mom."

Q. Is fashion important to you? If so, why? If not, why not?
A. Fashion is important to me, although I often don’t feel that I am aware of what the current trends are (living in a small town can be to blame!) When thinking about clothing and fashion, I first focus on what makes me feel confident and good about myself.

Q. Describe your fashion style, likes/dislikes prior to becoming pregnant.
A. Prior to becoming pregnant I had lost about 30 pounds and was at my ideal weight for my age and height. I really enjoyed wearing form fitting clothing that would show off my figure and helped me feel confident and proud of the hard work I had put into losing weight. I really disliked wearing baggy clothes or clothes that didn’t fit me correctly.

Q. What was your maternity style like?
A. Being pregnant with twins it was tough to find maternity clothes that were large enough and also flattering. Near the end I relied heavily on maxi style dresses, and conveniently it was the end of the summer so it looked okay. I struggled throughout pregnancy with not feeling attractive or that I looked as cute as other pregnant women due to the size of my belly!

Q. Since becoming a mother, how would you describe your style? Has it changed?
My style has changed drastically as I am struggling to fit back into my pre maternity clothing. Right after giving birth I spent the majority of my time in sweatpants and pajamas. Now I am starting to be able to get back into jeans, and I really enjoy wearing leggings. I find that my body is a completely different shape so I have to think differently when trying to shop and find new ways to flatter my figure.

Q. My favorite clothing brand or brands are:
A. New York and Company, and I also buy a lot of clothing at consignment stores! 

Q. Is your child/children’s fashion important to you? 
A. I like my children to wear feminine matching outfits. I don’t like being asked if they are “boys” or  “girls” when we are out in public! Of course, it is most important that they are comfortable and warm.

Q. Sarah doesn’t think having a baby means the end of a woman’s time as a stylish, modern woman. Do you think moms can be fashionable and practical at the same time? What are your best tips?
A. This is something I’m still working on and exploring for myself! I think that Moms can definitely be fashionable, but that society and the clothing industry need to create more products that are geared for real mothers. I think the Sarah Wells bag does a good job with being fashionable and Mom friendly!



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