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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews

    This bag came highly recommended from my mom friends. Customer service was amazing too!


    Lizzy (Gray)

    Best All In One Bag

    I would have to say I love the Lizzy bag! It holds everything from my laptop for work to my pump so I can keep everything in one place.

    Perfect for an exclusive pumper

    Love this bag! It fits my Spectra S1 perfectly in the larger lower zipper pouch, so I don't have to remove the pump, I can just set the bag down and unzip. The discreet side material is nice. Love the purple color, my favorite! Fits everything I need in the top of the bag, including flanges, replacement parts, battery pack and cord, pumping bras, burp cloth, lube tubes, with space for more. It's large, lightweight, durable and easy to clean. Such a smart design with the lower pouches being able to fold and snap down inside, so that it's a regular diaper bag configuration inside once you're finished pumping. I bought the bag for daily use at home, out and about, and my first cross country flights while pumping. I specifically wanted a bag with a shoulder or crossbody strap for going through the airport. The only two things I could suggest is for 1) there to be a luggage strap on one side instead of the second side zipper and 2) for the second lower zipper pouch to be the same size as the larger one, that way I can fit my Spectra and the Cold Gold cooler in each lower pouch at the same time. Love this bag, smart design, you can tell it's made by a woman who knows exactly what pumping moms need!!

    Amazing bag but too big and heavy to carry regularly

    I love so much about this bag, but sadly am returning it because it’s too big and heavy to carry with everything in it on a train commute. I have a backpack for my work stuff, plus my purse, and I was hoping to find something super lightweight and easy to carry for my pump and supplies. I love the pump pockets, material, and other features of the bag, but I just can’t make this work functionally because it turns out so big and heavy with all my stuff in it. And, if I put only the pumping supplies in it, it’s just too huge to carry comfortably with the backpack and purse. I considered trying the Kelly, but I’m hesitating because of the price. I think the Kelly is smaller than my current backpack, which already doesn’t fit all my pumping and work stuff together. If you come out with something slightly smaller than the Lizzy that’s more like a very light tote, I’ll be the first in line to try it!