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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Beautiful and Functional Bag

    I really like this bag and I get tons on compliments. I have a Spectra S2 that fits well into the bag but I cannot fit the cooler bag inside as well and close my bag. Other than that, I have no complaints as it was bigger than I expected

    My secret weapon!

    I came across a Facebook ad for a pumping bag and it turned my life right side up!! I’m an exclusive pumper and this has made pumping away from home so much easier. It has made my journey so easy and I can do it in style. Thank you Sarah Wells for making an amazing bag that can serve so many purposes and still look good.


    I call it my "mary poppins" bag. Big enough to fit my pumping essentials, plus my life! Great quality. Shipping was fast too! Came in just in time for me to go back to work. Its been almost 2 weeks and Im glad I made this purchase and chose this company!

    Great bag

    I had a hard time choosing between this bag and the more structured bags due to my personal style, but i ended up going with this one because it appeared to hold more. My one complaint with my bag last pregnancy was that I couldn’t fit everything just for pumping in it and actually close it, so stuff was always hanging out and mounded up and falling out. So I would have to carry some things in a separate bag.
    Typically I would choose to carry a structured bag, but I am very happy with this one- i choose the floral pattern and am super pleased with it!

    Thoughtful well made pump bag

    The pockets and storage are perfect for all your pump needs. It fits my spectra s1 perfectly with an extra cooler compartment. This bag has been great for work and I don’t have to worry that I forgot one of my three bags for work anymore because everything fits in one play.