Lizzy (Deco)

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Named after Sarah Wells’ younger sister, the “Lizzy” is practical with a high-fashion edge. With customizable functionality, this breast pump bag will seamlessly transition from a day at work to a romantic date night, stylishly toting your breast pump with you. Its quality, style and performance are unmatched at the most competitive price on the market.

  • Stylish, durable, lightweight breast pump bag in easy-to-clean performance nylon with beautifully smooth upgraded zippers

  • All-in-one functionality allows you to modify bag to fit your needs; snap sides down for a small pump purse, or unsnap and use the comfortable cross-body strap for a larger pumping purse/laptop bag combo

  • Thermally-lined pockets on each side for breast pump, pump accessories and pumped milk, which can be stored in the pocket for up to 6 hours with ice packs; Includes two photo pouches for pictures of your baby to assist with let-down

  • Perfectly sized to carry your pumping accessories, laptop, and more; Helpful exterior slip pocket for quick and easy access to smaller items, like your phone

  • Breast pump bag fits most portable breast pumps including: Spectra S1 and S2, Ameda, Ardo, Cimilre (S6+, S5+, and P1), Freemie, Hygeia, Medela Pump In Style (with or without case), Medela Freestyle, Medela Sonata and more!

  • Will my laptop fit? This bag fits laptops up to 15". Laptop sizes are determined by the diagonal and not width as shown in the graphic. Please email us at if you have any questions. 

how to measure a laptop

Bag Dimensions: 17"H x 16"W x 7"D
Smaller Side Pocket: 8”H x 7”W x 5”D
Larger Side Pocket: 8”H x 7”W x 8”D
Total # of Pockets: 7
Weight: 1 lb., 5 oz.

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Please Note: When purchasing this product, you are solely purchasing the bag. Items featured with the bag like an accessory, breast pump, etc. are shown for functionality and styling purposes. These items are sold separately. Thank you!


Customer Reviews

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I wanted to love it, but I don't

I waited to review the bag until I had used it for a while to see if my opinion changed. I really wanted to love it, but I don't. I got this bag because it has a lot of pockets and it seemed like I could put all of my work and pumping items in it. Unfortunately the pockets aren't designed to all be used at the same time and if you use one pocket, it cannibalizes the space from another pocket. The outside pockets are just flat to the bag so even a phone seems too thick to be in there comfortably. The elastic top pockets on the inside are decently big, but also awkwardly tall and anything you put in them falls to the bottom of the bag and interferes with the side pump pockets. I can hardly zip closed my medela cooler into the pocket for this reason. Anything loose in the top of the bag falls in the space between the lower compartments and has to be fished out later to close the bag. Using the laptop sleeve makes the top of the bag hard to zip closed because it's makes the bag too rigid. The bag is very snug with a spectra, but even after getting a smaller portable pump I'm still not feeling like the space in the bag is well utilized. It does work much better than the pump bag I got from insurance, but I still have to carry my lunch bag and a purse in addition to this huge bag becuase there isn't enough usable space.

Jacquelyn Toomey
Great bag!

I ordered this bag as I prep for baby #2- while I am not breastfeeding yet, I am already using my bag to bring my laptop, lunch, and everything else a working mom needs on her commute. It will be perfect when I add my pump! Last time I breastfed I just used what I had, and I’m already so happy I invested in making my life a little easier and more fashionable. Highly recommend!

Makes me happy

I told my sister who bought the Lizzy Deco for me, “who would have thought a pump bag could make me happy!” It is so stylish fits my lunch etc. I have gotten compliments on it from other women who didn’t know what it was. I use the cooler and latch it thru the shorter handle on the bag for easier carrying. I love how it is inconspicuous & stylish!

Molly Mares
Perfect for back to worl

Second time working mom and this bag is WOW. A compartment and pocket for everything you need. No more digging through the bag looking for parts or anything else you might toss in there while pumping (headphones, snacks, water, notebook/laptop). And the bag doesn’t collapse when you put it down. Great styles to choose from. So happy I went ahead and spent the money on a bag that doesn’t give me any stress needing to pump.

Dan River
Best pump bag!

This is the best bag I’ve purchased for all my pumping supplies. I would use my baby bag and always felt so disorganized. I am able to take everything I need to pump to work along with my 13 in laptop!