Allie Sling Bag (Black) Collaboration Sarah Wells x Medela

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From exclusively pumping to an exclusive collaboration, Sarah is excited to present the latest in her small business and Medela journey! Sarah Wells Bags has come together with Medela, a leader in care and innovative products for moms and babies, patients, and healthcare professionals, to bring the Allie Sling Bag to carry Medela’s new Freestyle Hands-free pump motor and so much more. The collaboration is such a natural fit, with both Sarah Wells Bags and Medela working to put comfort, thoughtful design, and functionality first. 

The Allie Sling Bag is made of modern, high-quality, and high-performance materials: machine washable neoprene, making her the lightest breast pump bag on the market! The adjustable strap can be shifted to a left or right position for maximum comfort and flexibility. The entire bag was designed with functionality and comfort in mind.  

In addition to holding the Freestyle Hands-Free Pump motor, collections cups, and tubing, the Allie Sling has features made to carry everything busy pumping moms need:

  • A sleek hidden exterior pocket with an adjustable top closure can fit a large water bottle or milk container - great for staying hydrated and transporting breast milk on-the-go. 
  • An exterior zipped pocket perfectly stores a cell phone or other quick-grab items, and a top loop lets you hang up your bag on a hook for easy management of the contents inside.
  • Includes interior extra tall, easily wipeable, tufted pockets, perfect for holding collection cups in addition to the pump motor. 
  • Not only does Neoprene provide the ease of washability, it also creates insulation making Allie an instant cooler bag. Throw in your ice pack to keep milk cold while on-the-go. 
  • Most importantly, the pump motor can stay in the bag when you’re using the collection cups, allowing you to remain hands-free and comfortable while pumping, with the weight of the pump motor contained in the bag and not weighing down on the breast. 

To read more about the Sarah Wells x Medela collaboration, and shop their new Freestyle Hands-free pump, visit:


Bag Dimensions: 13.5”H x 7.5”W x 3”D
This bag has an inside stretchy pump/cup pocket measuring: 9.24" H x 7.5" W
Total # of Pockets: 4
Weight: 12.6oz
Lightly Structured

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Teil Frederic

LOVE my new Allie bag and Sarah Wells even more!! Fabulous smaller bag for pumping on the go and packing light :) Love that it’s machine washable and the quality is amazing!

Maria Perkins
In Love with Allie

I am not an exclusive pumper but I fell in love with the look of the Allie bag and had to get it! I have used it when running to the store, as a small diaper bag, an emergency wet bag, and of course to carry my wearable pump in the rare occasion. I simply love it and can’t wait to take her on vacation in a few short weeks. 100/10 would recommend.

Catherine Arellano

Entering the toddler years with my little one and it's absolutely perfect for quick errands and outings. I pumped so much in the car/on the go and it would have been so nice to have a bag like this at the time. Will definitely be using it for pumping for future little ones and will keep enjoying it now for outings with my toddler!

Meaghan Ferrara

Allie Sling Bag (Black) Collaboration Sarah Wells x Medela

Joseph Q Buckwalter
Amazing little bag

This bag is so cute and functional! I absolutely love it. It holds my pumpables genie advanced and all parts perfectly. I’ll probably use it as a regular bag when I’m done pumping. I absolutely love it!