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Meet Allie

From exclusively pumping to an exclusive collaboration, Sarah is excited to present the latest in her small business and Medela journey! Sarah Wells Bags has come together with Medela, a leader in care and innovative products for moms and babies, patients, and healthcare professionals, to bring the Allie Sling Bag to carry Medela’s new Freestyle Hands-free pump motor and so much more. The collaboration is such a natural fit, with both Sarah Wells Bags and Medela working to put comfort, thoughtful design, and functionality first.

The Whole Scoop

  • 👯‍♀️ Your Pumping BFF! It's got room for portable pumps, collection cups, tubing, and all the mom gear you need.
  • ✨ Neoprene Magic: Machine washable and a cooler bag in disguise. Add an ice pack, keep that liquid gold frosty.
  • ☑️ Quick Grabs Made Easy: Exterior zip pocket for your phone and a loop for hanging – keep it organized, hook it up!
  • 🥛 Hydration and Milk Transport: Check! Hidden pocket fits big water bottles or a milk chiller. Stay refreshed, mama!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Rebecca Sepich
Love it for on the go!

I took my wearable breast pumps (momcozy m5s) to an amusement park in this bag along with pump wipes and my cereschill to store my breast milk and it all fit in this bag! Was so nice not to have to lug a huge pump bag and diaper bag and stroller etc. into the amusement park! Great quality as well! I’d love to get a bigger bag to take to work for my bigger pump!

Alyssa Thiele
Allie Bag Hugh hit

I know this bag was made for Medela but I love that I was able to fit it with my Motif Luna. I have also used as a small diaper bag when going to a festival.

Watch the Allie Breast Pump Sling Bag in Action


Just like you, the Allie is super unique; she is a fully machine washable sling bag for wearable and portable handheld breast pumps that offers insulation, efficient organized storage and STYLE.

Bells & Whistles

Insulated neoprene, fits all portable handheld pumps on the market, hands-free pumping and living, which makes this your go-to pump bag for all situations!

Final Allie Deets

Allie Bag - The Stats!

Bag Dimensions:
13.5”H x 7.5”W x 3”D
This bag has an inside stretchy pump/cup pocket measuring:
9.24" H x 7.5" W
Total # of Pockets: 4
Weight: 12.6oz
Lightly Structured