Meet Laura!  10 Questions for a Fashionable Mom

Meet Laura! 10 Questions for a Fashionable Mom


Q. What is your first name, age and profession?
A. Laura, 31, stay at home mom and political consultant

Q. Is fashion important to you?
A. Fashion has always been important to me. I am the first to admit that it can be much more difficult to stay fashionable now that I am home with my girls (I mean, yoga pants are just SO comfy!) but I definitely feel better about myself when I "dress up." When I am more confident, I feel like my whole attitude changes and my day is better as a result.

Q. Describe your fashion style, likes/dislikes prior to becoming pregnant.
A. Before becoming pregnant, my style was much different. Since I was working in DC, my fashion consisted of suits and high heels and, i now realize, was generally uncomfortable. Before becoming a mom, i took less risks and my fashion was fairly conservative.

Q. What was your maternity style like?
A. I LOVED maternity clothes! I have always had a little belly that I try hard to hide. When I was pregnant, I could finally wear clingy sweaters and fitted wrap dresses to show off my "bump." It was fabulous! I did go a bit overboard with my maternity wardrobe, but it was so much fun to be able to wear different styles that I could pre-pregnancy.

Q. Since becoming a mother, how would you describe your style? Has it changed?
A. My style has definitely changed. Comfort is key so I wear a lot of leggings, skinny jeans, tunics and ballet flats. I try to wear fun accessories to spice things up a bit and make the outfit more exciting.

Q. My favorite clothing brand or brands are:
A. I love Tory Burch. Her class tunics and flats will always be in style. Spanx! I'm going to put it right out there on the internet for
 everyone to see. I love Spanx! There, I said it. Spanx makes leggings, pants and workout wear now. They fit well and no one would ever guess they were "shape-wear."

Q. Name up to three celebrities/notable moms whose style you admire.
A. Kate Middleton. Her style is beautiful, classic and she always looks perfect and effortless.

Q. Is your child/children’s fashion important to you?
A. I think my children's fashion is event more important that my own fashion a lot of the time. I love getting them dressed. One day they might be wearing smocked dresses and the next day they will rock skinny jeans, Uggs, and a cute jacket. It's like having a little "mini-me" to be able to try out styles that I am not brave enough to pull off.

Q. Sarah doesn’t think having a baby means the end of a woman’s time as a stylish, modern woman. Do you think moms can be fashionable and practical at the same time?
A. Of course, your style evolves as you evolve. Being a mom doesn't mean you have to look frumpy. Taking the extra few minutes in the morning to dress in something that makes you feel confident will have a positive effect on your whole day! I am a better mom when I feel good about myself.

Q. What are your best fashion tips for moms?
A. Wear something that you are comfortable moving in. As a mom, we spend so much time chasing, bending, crawling and lifting. If you can't move comfortably in an outfit, it won't work regardless of how cute you look.




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