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New Line of Breast Pump Bags from Sarah Wells Designed for Moms on the Go

Posted on: November 14, 2013Back to All Articles

ALEXANDRIA, Va.--The small mom-owned business Sarah Wells LLC, today announced the launch of its stylish, functional, all-in-one breast pump bags. These bags retail for $145 with free shipping at

Breastfeeding and pumping are on the rise, with over 75% of children being breastfed in the United States (source: Moms returning to work, or spending extended periods of time away from their babies, often use breast pump equipment to continue lactation. This has left many mothers looking for ways to carry breast pumps in style, discreetly, without toting around multiple bags to hold the equipment, purse items, electronics and other necessary objects.

“As a working mom, it was hard balancing work and motherhood while sticking to my breastfeeding goals,” said Sarah Wells LLC, CEO and President Sarah Wells. “Instead of carrying three or four ugly bags to work, I wanted an all-in-one bag solution; a way to keep clean pump equipment and accessories separate from my keys and gum wrappers, while being able to hold everything I needed to carry. On top of that, I wanted to look stylish and professional.”

The Sarah Wells breast pump bag was designed with all the functionality that a breastfeeding mom needs, allowing moms the flexibility to operate their pump equipment from within the bag. Specialized side compartments on both sides of the bag discreetly carry a breast pump and every needed accessory while preserving ample space in the main compartment for regular purse items. When not in use the side pockets can flatten, providing moms with even more space in the main compartment.

The bags also feature a special padded pocket for a tablet or e-reader. The interior includes a large zippered pocket for keys, phone, makeup and more. The first bag in the collection is made of man-made leather on the outside and an easy-to-clean, water-resistant, colorful lining on the inside.

“This is the bag I wish I had when I was breastfeeding my daughter,” said Wells.

The mission of Sarah Wells LLC is to help busy mothers feel confident and fashionable by offering functional and stylish high-quality bags to carry breast pump equipment. This new product is for every mom who wants a discreet and efficient way to carry her breast pump, while looking fashionable. For more information visit or

For more information:
Media/PR, please contact Sarah Wells, 703-688-3203
Public Information: 800-833-7079 



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