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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Gorgeous bag but very bulky

    The bag is very nice looking and looks expensive. However, it is extremely bulky. It is impossible for me to carry the bag with the side snaps because the snaps keep coming undone. So it is always fullsize. The entire bottom of the bag is dedicated to my pump and storing milk. It is hard to compactly store a pumparoo inside the bag. I could not imagine if i had a laptop or anything else.

    Necessity - absolutely LOVE!

    I was transporting my pump and accessories in an oversized tote I bought from Old Navy years ago not wanting to spend the money on a pump bag. The straps were thin and dig into my shoulders and it was all one compartment so it got messy and things would spill out if it tipped over. I was looking for a good solution and discovered this brand and when I saw the new green mosaic design - my mind was made up. I needed the whole collection! I love it all so far - with two suggestions: 1. A tab to hold while zipping the side pockets closed 2. A way to cover the inside of the bag where the two compartments leave some gaps for objects to fall - a flat insert like the staging mat in the pumparoo would work well, I think! Overall so happy with my purchase and I’m telling every nursing mother I know!


    Lizzy (Limited Edition Mosaic)

    A Must!!!

    This bag exceeded my expectations, I’m so glad I got it. I get compliments constantly and people are surprised that it’s a “pump” bag. My spectra pump sits inside the side pocket perfectly, and there is more than enough room and pockets for all my needs ... I’ve had it 2 weeks and just found another compartment I hadn’t noticed yet! I can absolutely see myself using this as my work bag when I’m no longer pumping down the road. It sounds kind of dumb, but the ease of use, functionality, and bright colors helped me with my transition from maternity leave back to work full time. Everything is packed in one bag, and the colors stand out on my kitchen counter .... in my groggy mom state of mind I can grab for my 3 green mosaic pieces and know I’ve got everything I need for the 9 hour day at work ahead in hand. On top of everything the quality is great, I have a long walk from the parking lot to the 3rd floor at my work and I’m usually overloaded with stuff and this bag takes the weight with no issues. I have no regrets whatsoever with this purchase!

    Amazing bag!

    I love this breast pump bag! While it is large and can get a little heavy with everything in it, it does hold everything I need for the day. Not to mention the color is beautiful, the attention to detail is amazing, and the quality is superb.