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Meet Pumparoo

🌟 Triple the Convenience: Nestled within each other, the three bags of the Sarah Wells Machine Washable Neoprene PackSwell offer unparalleled organization, making your busy life as a parent a breeze.

🤱 Pumping Made Easy: Specially designed compartments cater to pumping parents, ensuring a secure and easily accessible space for all your pumping essentials – from shields to bottles.

🔋 Stay Charged on the Go: With a dedicated pocket for charging cables and power banks, this bag keeps you connected, charged, and ready for whatever your day brings, because we know every mom needs that extra power boost!

👜 All-in-One Solution: Spacious enough to accommodate not just your pumping gear, but all the miscellaneous items that parenting demands, the PackSwell is your go-to solution for staying organized and prepared.

🌈 Stylish and Low Maintenance: Crafted from machine-washable neoprene, this bag not only stands out with its modern aesthetic but also ensures easy cleaning, because let's face it – motherhood is messy, but your bag doesn't have to be!

The Whole Scoop

  • ♻️ Ditch the Plastic Bags: Pumparoo is your chic sidekick for keeping pump parts tidy and your sanity intact. Also, sustainability is cool. 
  • 🧠 Big Brain Moment: A heat-sealed, waterproof compartment for used parts, a staging mat for a clean workspace, and a front zipper pocket for easy access. Fridge hack anyone? 
  • ☑️ Small But Mighty: This compact pouch packs a punch. It holds multiple 8-oz bottles, flanges, and more. 
  • 🧼 Easy-Peasy Cleaning: Machine wash friendly for regular cleaning and daily hand-washing for those quick fixes. No dryers allowed – it's a pampered pouch!

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Dry pocket for transporting clean pump parts, wet pocket for used parts, our innovative Staging Mat for clean setup and take down - this is our BESTSELLING product for the last decade!

Transform Your Pump Sesh

Keeps everything clean, organized, and ready to roll for travel, commuting, at work or anywhere your pump takes you or you take your pump!

Final Pumparoo Deets

Pumparoo - The Stats!


Care Instructions:
Machine wash warm often, hand wash with soap daily (line dry). Many moms have reported success hand-washing the Pumparoo for short-term cleaning, followed by regular machine washing (please always use soap, such as hand or dish soap or detergent).
NOT dryer safe.

12" H X .25" W X 10" L (unfolded)
6" H X 1" W X 10" L (folded into quarters) 

This product is designed for use with healthy full-term infants. As with all breast milk and infant products, please be aware of applicable guidelines and consult your pediatrician with any questions or concerns.