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    Customer Reviews

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    My Lizzy is a Lifesaver

    Prior to purchasing this bag, I was carrying a minimum of 4 bags to work with me everyday. That didn't include my LO's milk bag to take to day care or the diaper bag. With my Lizzy, I'm down to two bags! It literally fits everything I need for pumping and for work. It's extremely spacious, but isn't too big. I love it! And the Deco print is to die for. It's still professional, but fashionable and fun. You can't go wrong with this bag!

    Love it so far!

    I have been using the bag for a week. Loving it so far. The color is great. It's also more spacious than I originally thought. It sparks joy in me and makes me feel a little bit stylish at a time when I really don't feel very fashionable being in nursing wear all the time.

    Love my Lizzy!

    I ordered the Lizzy to bring with me, when I go back to work. I haven’t returned to work yet, but it does fit everything I need to pump (including spare parts and cleaners) at work- and still has room for my laptop and files. I’m looking forward to using my Lizzy (and matching Pumperoo) everyday!