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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 23 reviews
    Love the pumparoo

    This is my second pumparoo and I love it! I used to use a normal wet/dry bag, which worked fine, but this pumparoo is so much more convenient with the staging mat. I own one in blue and black and often use them as my "clutch" for special occasions. The "wet" section holds all my pumping needs and the "dry" section holds all my purse things. It is the perfect "clutch" for on the go and looks great! I use the pumparoo for work everyday to hold my pump parts between pumps.

    Helps me stay organized - love it!

    I love this for pumping at work. The panel provides a clean surface for setting up and wrapping up pumping sessions and the outside flap is great for storing my handsfree bra. I also love that when I throw this in the fridge at work its not a clear plastic bag. i plan on using it as a lunch bag or something in the future

    Great bag

    I stay in India and ordered it from Amazon. I will be joining back to work soon and this bag is really gearing me up. The material is sturdy and the zips are quite strong and superb design. I do not intend to keep my pump parts into the bag without at least rinsing them though. It is absolutely useful to bring the pump from workplace to pumping room and storing them again later. Thanks Sarah Wells for the great design

    Great for pump parts

    This is actually my 9th pumperoo. Just love them for storing parts. As you can see I have 1 for every day of the week, 1 to spare and keep 1 at my mom's with the matching Lizzy.

    Perfect bag for my pump accessories

    I love this addition to my Kelly bag. Holds my pump accessories wet & dry. Plus I love the design.