Pumparoo (Aquarelle)

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The "Pumparoo," is the ORIGINAL breast pump parts wet/dry bag + staging mat from Sarah Wells, who offers the top breast pump bag designs on the market. This wet/dry bag + ALL NEW "staging mat" design serves as a transport pouch for flanges, bottles, bags and more and also serves as a clean space to setup/take down your breast pump parts. * BPA-free * PVC-free * Phthalate-free * Lead-free zippers Bonus features: The wrist strap will go all the way around your wet/dry bag if you fold the bag into quarters. Carry it compactly! Use the front (smaller) zip compartment for dry items and the main (larger) zip compartment for wet items (waterproof). Lots of other uses for the wet/dry bag: diapers, swim suit, snacks, messy clothes! Machine washable! (Please note: due to the wide variation in temps in dryer machines, it is not advised to use a dryer on your Pumparoo or staging mat; please line dry.) **This product is designed for use with healthy full-term infants. As with all breast milk and infant products, please be aware of applicable guidelines and consult your pediatrician with any questions or concerns.

  • MAMA TIME & SANITY SAVER >>> Discreetly and cleanly transport your pump parts & setup/take down your pump parts on a clean staging mat!

  • Use the waterproof main compartment to hold clean and then dirty (wet) parts; use the detachable innovative staging mat as a clean spot on your desk, bathroom counter, etc. for setting up your pump parts;

  • Perfectly sized for breast pump parts; holds 4 8-oz bottles, plus all other pump parts and more

  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash warm often, hand wash with soap daily (line dry). Many moms have reported success hand-washing the Pumparoo for short-term cleaning, followed by regular machine washing (please always use soap, such as hand or dish soap or detergent). NOT dryer safe.

  • *BPA-free *PVC-free *Phthalate-free *Lead-free zipper*

  • Dimensions 12" H X .25" W X 10" L (unfolded) / 6" H X 1" W X 10" L (folded into quarters) 


Breast pump parts and milk storage bags seen in demonstration photos not included.


Customer Reviews

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Jessica Anderson

This pattern is stunning! The pumperoo bag makes pumping so easy!


The pumparoo is made out of great fabric, sturdy and it's clear it'll last well beyond my EP journey. The back flap is super helpful for having a clean space to set my pump parts when adding to my ceres chill-- this bad & the ceres chill are a must purchase together!

Jen Paige
Versatile bag

I love that I can toss anything into the bag, wash it every night, and have it dry quickly to be ready to go for the next day. Larger than I expected, but it holds everything I need. So glad I purchased it.


Beautiful bag! Works well and I love the staging mat. My only complaint would be that it takes a while to dry completely.

Charlotte O

Gorgeous colors! Love the pumparoo!! Would recommend to any mama returning to work or pumping on the go! Staging mat is fantastic for work (I work in healthcare). I use the outside zip pocket for kiinde bags too as I much prefer them to lugging bottles around. Having pretty storage for my parts makes me even happier about pumping :)