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    Blog — Mom

    Pumpin' in a Winter Wonderland: Holiday Pumping Guide

    Pumpin' in a Winter Wonderland: Holiday Pumping Guide

    A Holiday Survival Guide for Pumping Moms

    (Bonus: FREE Holiday Pumping Survival Guide!!!)

    During that first or second year of motherhood, when you’re living in yoga pants, pumping around the clock and still trying to figure out this new working-pumping-mom life, well … let’s just say, the holidays can be challenging. As always, Mama, we’ve got you covered.

    In this guide, you’ll find tips for dealing with opinionated, outspoken relatives, the truth about “pumping and dumping” and how to keep your supply intact while still enjoying the season.

    No matter where the season takes you--from the company party to the airport--we’ve designed our “what breast pump bag?” breast pump bag to be your ultimate, stylish accessory.

    Three tips for enjoying your holiday party.


    In this guide you’ll find:

    • Pumping & Alcohol: To Dump or Not to Dump
    • How to Deal With Aunt Know-It-All
    • Packing Checklist
    • Tips for Transporting Breast Milk While Traveling
    • Tips from Fellow Pumping Moms  


    The Berry Bloom Collection: PumpEase Hands-free bra, Pumparoo and Cold Gold Milk Cooler


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    The Ultimate Guide for Pumping Moms

    The ultimate guide for breast pumping moms! (Pumping 101)
    New to breast pumping...or need a refresher? We know that if it’s your first time breastfeeding—or even your second or third time—it can feel confusing knowing exactly what to do and when to do it, so we created just for you a FREE Ultimate Guide for Pumping Moms.

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    Travel Guide Part Two! 5 Resources and Tips for Pumping Moms

    Travel Guide Part Two! 5 Resources and Tips for Pumping Moms
    Last month’s blog post (5 Travel Tips: The Pumping Mama’s Pre-Flight Checklist) was SO well-received, I wanted to follow it up with another travel-themed post. This time around, we’re bundling up some ah-mah-zing resources designed just for traveling, breastfeeding moms, along with a couple of other helpful tips. 

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    5 Travel Tips: The Pumping Mama’s Pre-Flight Checklist

    5 Travel Tips: The Pumping Mama’s Pre-Flight Checklist
    It’s amazing how things that seemed so simple and straightforward pre-baby seem 10 times more complicated now that your life revolves around pumping and mommying. 

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    Back to Work & Pumping Like a Boss!

    Mom at work with breast pump. Pumping milk while working.
    It’s official, Mama: You’ve survived the first few weeks of motherhood. Sure, you’re still adjusting to life as Mom. To the fact that you probably haven’t slept more than 4 consecutive hours in who knows how long.

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